Our Products

This page shows just a small selection of handthrown stoneware pottery items that we make. All our products are dishwasher, oven and microwave-safe. We also produce one-off individual pieces and commissions to order. Most orders are completed in 6-8 weeks. Wholesale enquiries are welcome. For more information call 0208 647 0076 on weekdays, 0208 543 6656 at weekends, visit us in the Wheelhouse at Merton Abbey Mills, or contact us using our online form. Please note we do not do mail order.


Bowls   Pasta bowl
Small, Medium & Large bowls   Pasta Bowl & Serving Bowl
Olive bowls   Chop suey bowls
Olive Bowl   Chop Suey Bowl


6-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch & 10-inch

Mugs & Goblets

Mugs   Goblets and Carafe
Mug & Pint Tankard   Goblet & Carafe
Half-mug   Carafes
Half-mug (individual or pair)   Carafe


Jugs   Cream jugs
Half-pint, Pint & Two-pint   Cream jug

Casseroles & Storage Jars

Flour bin   Storage jars
Flour bin & 2-pint, 4-pint or 6-pint Casserole   Storage jar: Small, Medium & Large


Butterdish and cheese bell   Colander
Butterdish, Mini-Butterdish, Salt Pig & Cheese Bell   Colander: Small or Large
Relish pots   Eggcups
Double Relish Pot   Eggcup, Butter Pat & Dip Bowl


Oil burners   Flowerpot
Oil Burner   Flowerpot


Items are priced individually
Craftware   Bowls
Bowls   Bowl
Fish   Glass dish
Vase   Vase   Carafes


Stone tiles   Medieval tiles
Decorative tiles   Replicas of medieval floor tiles
Stephen Llewellyn Pottery, The Wheelhouse, Merton Abbey Mills, Merantun Way, London SW19 2RD